The Pulse Program

“My hope and wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to what I call ‘Education of the Heart’. Just as we take for granted the need to acquire proficiency in the basic academic subjects, I am hopeful that a time will come when we can take it for granted that children will learn, as part of the curriculum, the indispensability of inner values – Love, Compassion, Justice & Forgiveness”


This thought by the Dalai Lama captures the very reason the Pulse Program was created in Pathways World School and I continue to be inspired by his words while being grateful for being able to create this program.

The Pulse Program is a Life Skills Educational Program. The Sessions hone soft skills which support one to evolve into Caring, Concerned & Compassionate Human Beings, by Becoming Awake & Aware of the Pulse of Every Moment.

Through the PULSE Program and both its Arms, the International Global Citizen’s Program & the Green Brigade, the participants learn to support humanitarian causes and to care for the environment.

The program helps one identify and understand the core values that define the well-being of all life forms on Planet Earth, as well as the environment.

Attitudes & attributes deemed important in life, are explored through interactive sessions, with the intention of reinforcing these values and to help the participants to reach their highest potential and level of happiness as well as help equip them to face challenges that life throws at each of us every now and then.

In doing so, this program gives young people the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy and responsible lives as confident individuals and members of society, by addressing their physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the environment.

A PULSE Interaction could be on, Sympathy Vs Empathy

“Being Awake & Aware of the PULSE of every moment shapes our well-being.”

Pathma Naidu

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