The IGCA Program

The International Global Citizen’s Award Program, is a programme that encourages young people to become better global citizens by:

  • finding out about other cultures and outlooks
  • finding out more about how their everyday lives affect the environment and the lives of others
  • working with others in various capacities
  • taking small actions to help make the world a better place, and
  • reflecting on their developing knowledge and awareness

Visit the IGCA website:

As shown above, the IGCA programme elements are:

  • Understanding Other Cultures & Outlooks
  • Personal Global Footprint (Environmental Responsibility, Being Good with Money)
  • Working with Others (Community Service, Advocacy, Decision-Making)
  • Recording & Reflecting on Change & Development

As an Ambassador for this program, I have had the opportunity to inculcate the International Global Citizen’s Award (IGCA) Program as a Practical Arm of the PULSE Program.

“The IGC Award is not just another award: it’s a way of life.”

-Pancham Yadav, Gold Award recipient 2014 
Pathways World School, Aravali, India

Click here to visit the IGCA website

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